BDM Appointment

Introducing Adrian Roux

We are delighted to announce Adrian Roux has been appointed as Business Development Manager for VenueRez effective 1 June 2019.


Adrian joined Seekom in 2017 and has extensive knowledge of Seekom systems and products. Prior to joining Seekom Adrian worked for a competitor provider in South Africa.

Sneak Peek

The first annual Seekom Conference was an ideal way to tell our valued Seekom customers about our exciting new software product – VenueRez

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Business Development Manager

Announcing our newly appointed Business Development Manager.

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Another smart software product from Wellington-based Seekom

Seekom is proud to introduce their new software product to Seekom customers at the annual Seekom Conference, June 2019.

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Venue booking software for all businesses

Whether your venue is big or small, easy to find or off the beaten track, SeekomVenueRez has a solution to suit your business.

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Top 5 features

What does cloud-based booking software really mean? Learn about our top 5 product features.

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Say goodbye to booking spreadsheets and clumsy calendars!

We understand the frustration of managing your venue or bookable spaces which is why we developed Seekom VenueRez

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